Friday, July 25, 2008

You'll Never Believe it! Socks!!!

Pattern: Anastasia by Mintyfresh at Pepperknits
Yarn: Zen String Serendipity Fingering in "Georgia" colorway, 1/2 skein
Needles: Addi Turbo 40" US 1 1/2 circulars
Mods: Ankle-length with 2x2 ribbing for 10 rows

This pattern is a lot of fun, but for some reason I've forgotten how I did it as a full-length last time. Once you go around the entire leg, the pattern needs to change at a couple of points in order to continue without skips. I couldn't do it this time. Oh well - I needed something shorter anyway. ;) This colorway is a lot of fun and the yarn base is great. This was my first time using Zen String's yarns. I am looking forward to finding a good use for the "Dahlia" colorway. I've seen that one done with a Monkey pattern. It looks fabulous, but I'd hate to copy someone. Does someone have a suggestion for a good pattern for the colorway? If you click on the colorway name above, it will bring you to a photo of my stashed skein. I would love to see what suggestions y'all have! Thanks. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NOT Socks?!

No, not socks.
Pattern: An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl McPhee
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Leticia in "Space Dust" colorway, just under one full skein (enough to add a cute little flower or something)
Needles: 5 Crystal Palace US 11 bamboo dpns (10 3/4 size recommended and I might use that the next time since this was a tiny bit too big)
Mods: None :)
I love this colorway. I really like the pattern, too. However, the hat itself doesn't fit perfectly. It sort of wants to just lay there. So next time, I'm making it with the slightly smaller needles, which I did purchase. Has anyone else made this hat? What yarn and needles did you use?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Week, Another Pair...

Sigh. Yes, more socks. Sorry, y'all!

Pattern: Lombard Street Socks by Susan Pierce Lawrence
Yarn: Sophie's Toes by Emily Parson in "Forsythia" colorway, just barely more than half a skein
Needles: 40" Addi Turbo circulars, size 1 1/2 US
Mods: Toe-up, provisional crochet cast-on with short-row toes, short row heel, anklet-length (only did two of the leg repeats once heel was done), 2x2 ribbed cuff for 2". I think that's all. Otherwise, they're the exact same! ;)

I think that this yarn is beautiful and I really like this pattern. However, even though I don't think that these are ugly, these don't totally excite me. Oh well, perhaps I'll try something different with the remainder of this colorway...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Quick and Striped

Yarn: Sunnyside Ellen's fingering weight in "River Country" (such cute stripes!)
Needles: Addi Turbo US 1 1/2 40" circulars
Pattern: my basic, basic, basic toe-up recipe, provisional crochet cast-on, short-row toes and heels, 2x2 rib at cuffs (and four rows of 2x2 rib at toe just to add something different).

I know that these are super-basic, but I really loved the stripes so didn't want to muddle them up or lose a pattern in the fabric. Great yarn!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Big Dork

Okay, so I messed up. I hate to have to post this but I did not pass my final exam. I can't believe this. I really am a good student, I swear! I get A's all the time. Seriously. Don't laugh - I really do. ;) So to fail a final exam (that was 80% of the grade!!!) is a total shame. I am re-taking the class right now, but that's alright. I plan on rocking this class and getting an excellent grade, dang it. And I plan on resting easy once these six weeks are over. That way I'll have a little bit of down-time before the Fall starts at my new school. Phew - I can't wait to have a break.

Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on, everyone. :) I'll keep you apprised... I'm sure that you'll be waiting with bated breath.