Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Flowers

I finally got my back deck cleared off. I've had many different transplanting sessions on it over the last couple of years that have piled up. Since there is no easy way to dispose of old containers, soil and spent plants from the back yard, stuff starts to pile after several seasons. Finally, I was able to take some time recently and clean off the entire back deck (all six inches of it ;). That gave me the perfect space to transplant this year's mums and get my first ever tulip bulbs in the ground. I'm excited about the bulbs, but of course I have a while before those will be ready. The chryanthemums, however, get to show off their pretty colors right now. And it's really nice to see them out of our living room every day, I must say. They really enjoy this combination of warm and cool weather. Yeay for fall flowers!