Saturday, August 30, 2008


I just love this colorway so much. I really want to learn how to Navajo ply so that I can keep the colorway's stripes consistent. If I do a 2-ply or a 3-ply, that will mix the colors up. I still might save it for when I've learned how to Navajo ply. Does anyone have a good recommendation for how to learn? Any good books or other resources?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Doomed!

I may be a little bit overly dramatic, but I do think that I'm doomed. I have fallen into a huge smooshy pit of fiber and I don't really want to get out. Is that wrong?!

Here's my latest fall...

But this was the one that started it all...

And this was the one that kept me wanting more.

So you see, there is a slight progression. Sort of. Well, I can't seem to help myself and I don't know that I really want to. If anyone you know wants to start spinning, tell them not to... unless they really really love fiber. A lot. Otherwise, they may not be prepared for just how much they will end up loving it once they start spinning. Seriously.

Friday, August 22, 2008

One More Pair For Team Cabin Fever

Pattern: Olympian Socks by Sheryl Giles

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Fingering in "Cabin Fever" colorway, two skeins
Needles: One 40" Addi Turbo Lace US 2 1/2 circular
Mods: None
These socks were knit for the Socktopia Olympic Sock Contest (not related to Ravelympics, but in celebration of the Olympics). I am part of Team Cabin Fever and just could not pass up using the team's namesake colorway. I don't think that the colorway shows the pattern well, but it is a lovely colorway nonetheless. I love how squishy this newere base-yarn is that Claudia is using. This could end up costing me a lot of money if I decide to replace all of my existing stuff with the newer base-yarn. Of course, I need to start stashing more fiber for my new wheel that I'll be getting soon, but I just might have to get one or two more Claudia colorways, too. Hmmm...
How is everyone's summer turning out? My husband went for a crazy bicycle ride for the end of our summer. He rode a billion miles to the Yosemite area. We knew that going the whole way would be a little crazy because of the 6,000 foot ascent during a very short distance (at least short when it comes to going up using your own energy). Though he did not end at the park itself, he made a ginormous distance and burned more than 6,000 calories during the process. It was so much fun following along and supporting him with love and energy (in the forms of beverages and snacks). We kept him well hydrated and well calorated (if I want to make it a word, I can dang it!). He had a great time and surprisingly wasn't sore the next day or the day after. I'm so thrilled that he did so much and that he was so driven. I personally would have collapsed after trying to make it up the hill near our house. ;) What else are you doing to wrap up your summer freedom?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Golden Olympians and Wheels

Pattern: Olympian Socks by Sheryl Giles
Yarn: Sophie's Toes by Emily Parson in "Latte" colorway (mmmm!)
Needles: US 2 1/2 Addi Turbo Lace 40" circulars
Mods: Almost none, except the short-row toe, which didn't really work well for this pattern. :)

This pattern was a lot of fun (and a fun competition for the Socktopia Olympic Contest), but it's all about the colorway for me. The colors are so rich but subtle. I really like this colorway and now I'm hoping that Emily does it again.

Almost off-topic, I have a new interest:

I have been taking a fabulous spinning class for the past few weeks. The class meets once a week for five weeks and we get exposure to many different wheels. The wheel in the above picture was an Ashford something-or-other. I didn't find the name on the wheel itself, but I do believe that it was the Elizabeth2. I was also able to try out the Ashford Traveler and the Kromski Prelude. All three of these wheels were single-treadle. I most definitely like double-treadle better, but these wheels were a lot of fun to get to know. I know that my singles aren't completely perfect, but it sure is fun getting some practice in! I am looking forward to purchasing my own wheel soon (very soon)! I am trying to ignore the fact that this is going to turn into a whole new obsession. Didn't I pass up several offers of sewing lessons just to avoid the urge to make beautiful quilts?! Well, I'm glad that I completely kept myself out of harm's way. I'm sure that a fiber obsession will cost waaaaay less than a fabric obsession! ;)