Friday, December 05, 2008

Spinning For Socks

I've been baaaaad. I spun more sock yarn. I couldn't help myself! I know, I know - I already have enough of that without having to make more. I hear ya! But... I just couldn't help myself.

JulieSpins had this roving and I saw it and had to have it and then I spun it and gave it as a gift and then I got more of the same roving and same colorway but a little different and then I spun that up and.... well, I fell in love. Plain and simple. Now I want to make socks out of it. Is that really so wrong?!

Fiber: SW Merino by JulieSpins in "Jungle" colorway (here's my other "Jungle" spin from her)
Detaisl: Approx. 334 yds. of two-ply in fingering weight yumminess.
Plans: Make socks with it and then wear them to the grave. Seriously.