Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Phew! Made It Out Alive!

Christmas was a little bit scary, as it often is in our family. Mom II (Wendy Mom, Mother-in-law, etc.) has a HUUUUUUGE pile of gifts waiting for us every Christmas. For me, it all started our first Christmas together - which also happened to be our first MONTH together! I figured that I so would not be involved in stuff, just observing everyone else's gift hoarding. Well, I was wrong. Wendy had bought me a ton of stuff to open on Christmas, no matter that she hardly knew me at that point (I had only met her a week or two prior).

I have never felt not a part of the family's crazy and silly traditions. We have had years where there were treasure hunts (at the end of which lay each of our "big" presents), years of "only" little gifts and a Visa gift-card, years of tons of huge things, years of tons of "little" things. This year was a wonderful year of quiet appreciation for the family that we are. We all shared many things that were off of lists, but we each also spent the time to find something more individual and special to the recipient. It was really wonderful time together.

It's also a sad time knowing that our family structure will be changing a bit over this next year (and not in the best of ways). My sister-in-law will be leaving the family on mutual terms with my brother-in-law. I'm sure that they will remain friends for a little while (at least while they're going through the finality of their process), but I think that ultimately, this is the best step forward for each of them. They will eventually be able to move on with their lives in the ways that are most healthy for each of them individually. I'm proud of them for acknowledging something that is so difficult and painful. I look forward to seeing them both heal and find more comfortable places in their lives once again. Until then, I am sending them my most heartfelt hugs and support.

On a less serious note, I have finished a pair of socks. :) I have a pair of Christmas socks to post and I'm glad to show these pictures since they were taken in Hawaii. Yes, it is so difficult to have to take pictures of socks when you're in a place where you just don't want to wear them. Sigh. I have a tough life, don't I? ;) Aron modeled these for me since they are much closer to his size than mine. These are for my brother-in-law. I also made a pair for my sister-in-law (see post below titled "Monique's New Days") because I felt that they would both need comforting little hugs often over this next chapter in their lives.

I really liked these, but I'm not so sure that my brother-in-law did. I think that the two recipients of socks this year are a little subdued in their responses to gifts, though, so that may be why I wasn't sure if they liked them or not. :) Aron liked them and wanted to call them the Matrix socks (good name since they totally look like the green computerized font falling down the screen).

Pattern: Harris Tweed Socks by Ali Green
Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in DF Green, 2 skeins
Needles: 1 47" Addi Turbo circular needle (I'm loving this technique!)
Mods: Toe-up, crochet cast-on and short-row heel, increased to 64 sts? (can't remember exactly)

I highly recommend making a pair for someone. In fact, now is the best time so that you can be caught up when next Christmas rolls around!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Maggie's Spiced Days

So this is not only the second pair of lace socks but this is also the second orange-y pair. I am almost positive that Maggie won't like all of this orange much, but we'll see. I do think that this pair is technically more rust-colored. It has a lot of other beautiful fall colors, as well. If you've never tried Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes, it has to be one of my favorite sock yarns. It feels a-maz-ing!

Pattern: New Year's Day by Dipsey Doodle (yes, back to back)
Yarn: Sophie's Toes by Emily Parson in Pumpkin Spice colorway (yummy!)
Needles: One Addi Turbo US2 42" circular (my first time using a circular for socks)
Mods: Toe-up (my first pair of finished toe-up socks!); short-row toe and heel; I alternated the directions of the cables for each sock

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monique's New Days

Monique, my sister-in-law, will love these socks. She loves these colors and I think that the pattern will be perfect for her.
Pattern: New Year's Day by Dipsey Doodle
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM colorway #453
Needles: 5 US2 bamboo dpns
Mods: eye of partridge heel, short-row toe, cable directions alternate for each leg.
I love this pattern and look forward to using it again. In fact, I'm currently attempting it in a toe-up version on a circular needle. Pretty so far!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maggie's Monkeys Are Done!

Maggie will be getting socks from me soon. Yeay!

Even though she has many other people making her some beautiful socks, I'm thrilled to be able to put some more warm socks on her feet! :)

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. (doncha just love it?!)

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM color #145, 2 skeins (African Sunrise? Well...)

Needles: 5 bamboo US2 dpns

Mods: My usual eye of partridge heel, short-row toes, and I skipped the "ktbl" that's mentioned during the gusset (by accident)

Please feel free to stop by Sockin' it to Maggie to check out the other great works going on. And make sure to leave some great comments for that talented group of people! ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Words Can't Do 'Em Justice

These are going to be quite a pair of socks!

I'm knitting these for Maggie, who supposedly loves bright and fun colors. While these were in my hands, they looked like a great idea. I thought that the Monkey pattern would do the yarn great justice. Unfortunately, however, the African sunrise that the yarn was supposed to remind me of soon became forgotten when I started to feel a little woozy. The bright colors are quite a bit when you're spending a lot of time looking at them (i.e. knitting them). Nonetheless, they should at least draw a giggle or two out of Maggie when she first sees them... I hope!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maggie Needs Socks!

I'm not sure if any of you have read about Maggie, but she is a young lady who needs some handmade socks. Maggie is a seventeen-year-old who has had to face some pretty serious medical obstacles. Though I'm told that knitters can not fix everything (despite our best efforts to keep trying to do so), we can certainly knit up some socks for her. Lucky us - she loves hand knit socks. Please visit Kelly's Sockin' it to Maggie page for information about dates, sizes, and other information on where to send your beautiful gifts of love and support. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grassy Penllyns

I am giving these to a wonderful dear friend... who is a little more than flakey right now. She just moved across the country - today! Well, technically, she started the trek. She is actually spending a week of sightseeing on the way there so she has a little flexibility. Unfortunately, these cute things will be housed with me until my flakey friend is situated in her new home since she was unable to make time to visit with me before leaving. Well, she's the one missing out. ;) I also made a Soft Drawstring Pouch from Last Minute Knitted Gifts to house the socks in. I used one skein of Bluesky Alpacas' Alpaca Silk in the Sapphire colorway. I love this little bag. Perfect sock bag! Oooh - lucky Christmas recipients! ;)

Pattern: Penllyn by Wildhorse Farm Designs
Yarn: Painted Skeins Superwash Merino in Grassy Jeans colorway
Needles: 5 US2 dpns
Mods: Eye of partridge heel, short-row toe

I just love this pattern. It's so simple and has such great results - I'd make this pattern again and again. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall Will Be Here Soon...

So what are the signs in my household that Fall is arriving soon? When Crimson, Blazing Foliage, and Autumn Harvest are sitting on the doorstep.

Mmmm... so yummy! Yarn by Emily Parson of Sophie's Toes. Color choices by me. So was it coincidence that the three colors that I chose reflect the upcoming change in seasons? Nah. It was just hopeful longing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Funky Pair

Yeay! They are complete!
Pattern: Shock Wave
Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in Red Wagon colorway
Needles: 5 bamboo US2 dpns
Mods: Eye-of-partridge heel, short-row toe.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red Wagon Has Become Shock Waves

Yes, I know - I wanted to follow the advice of some of you who posted recommended patterns for this yarn. Well, I sort of did. Dave was so wonderful about his recommendation that I pick a simple and subtle pattern with not a whole lot going on, like the Dublin Bay pattern (it has a simple lace pattern just on the sides of the legs). He then found the Mad Color Weave pattern and threw it my way. I thought that the finished sock in the Mad Color Weave pattern looked beautiful so I planned on using this one with my Red Wagon. Unfortunately, my laziness kicked in after studying the pattern for a little bit. I decided that it was just too complicated for me at the moment that I decided to cast-on. So, I did still follow Dave's advice - I found a simple pattern that has really easy repeats to follow (I can do it with my eyes closed, now), but that shows enough texture in the fabric to really show off the beautiful and fun colors of this yarn.

Pattern: Shock Wave (using 64 sts)
Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Red Wagon
Needles: 5 - US2 Crystal Palace bamboo dpns (is it just me, or do ALL of their needles split and splinter?!)
Mods: I made the M1's in the pattern more lacey by making one with the right needle, slipping the loop onto the left needle, then knitting that off onto the right needle again. I know that some people just make one and leave it on the right needle like it's the new stitch. Also, I used an eye-of-partridge heel, again. I added a short-row toe, as well. I just can't stop using those dang toes! I just love 'em.

I have really enjoyed using this pattern. It creates a very nice bias fabric so that even though it looks similar to stockinette (in that it doesn't have any purls), it is surprisingly stretchy. I highly recommend it for busy yarns that you might just fall back on stockinette for. It shows off all of the colors so nicely.

I've finished the first sock and I'm almost done with the leg of the second sock. I'm also trying to somehow pull a Birch out of my butt before September 2nd. I'm going to see my mom right before she travels to Italy for the first time. She had told me that she didn't know what all of the fashionable 50-something women wear in Italy. I, of course, thought of knitting her something beautiful that she could easily just throw around her shoulders or into a suitcase. Hmmmm... considering the fact that I've finished one repeat and might just have to rip that back (What?! With Kidsilk Haze?!!!!), I don't know how far I'll get. Sigh. If anyone wants to sell me their finished Birch, just email me. ;)

Well, I should be receiving some Hand Maiden Sea Silk in Mom's favorite color (periwinkle) by the beginning of next week. I have it as a back-up in case I decide that the Montego Bay Scarf is what all of the stylish and fashionable Italian 50-something women are wearing. ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monkey Off My Back

Monkeys - I love them!

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Mods: Added one more pattern repeat on the leg, eye of partridge heel, short-row toes (I love the look and feel of this type of toe)
Yarn: Claudia Handpainted Yarns in Pink Cloud (soooo cute!)
Needles: Crystal Palace dpns US2 (I used 5 needles)
I have finally finished my silly Monkeys that I started at the end of June. I am so mad about these dang things! I finished the first one fairly quickly (or so I like to think) and then had a bout of SSS. After a little while, I finally got started on the second one. I thought that the ball of yarn looked a little smaller and maybe even not quite the exact same shade and perhaps a tiny bit "fuller" in the twist. However, I was so intent on doing the second sock quickly since I had such a hard time getting it started. Once I got to the heel, I should have taken my head out of my butt. I started to run out of yarn. So I went and got the next ball which also seemed like it might have been a little small, etc. So when I literally started to set up to do the toe, I look in my knitting back which I haven't really used since the end of the first sock. Lo and behold - my MATCHING skein of Pink Cloud was in the bag. I failed to acknowledge prior to this that I had purchased a matching pair of skeins together (they were the last two in stock at the LYS) and felt that I needed one more, just in case (or for a pair of anklets later). The third skein was purchased at a different shop, different lot no., etc. However, if I needed it for the toes or anything else, it was close enough so that NO ONE would notice, right? Apparently, even though I divided this extra skein into two equal balls (one extra one for each sock), I even failed to recognize (aka acknowledge) that this was not the yarn intended for sock number two. So what does any good knitter do? When she's at the toe of the second sock? That was so hard to get through in the first place? Why, she frogs it, of course! So I immediately frogged the dang second sock with the dang "backup" yarn and dang it - I knit that dang thing up so fast that my head spun. If it weren't for Aron's wonderful offer to knit a few stitches into the toe of the second sock (they were to be given to his mom), I'd probably have a burning ceremony for the dang things. Lucky for Wendy, and the socks, Aron's stitches saved the day. Thank you, Sweetie. :) By the way, technically, I do love the socks. And the pattern. And the yarn, for that matter.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stage 5 And On...

I can't tell you how many mistakes I've been making on my Birch Shawl. Luckily, my mom "never sees" my mistakes on anything that I make for her. If I don't point out the mistakes, I'm hoping that they will be hard to find (it's not really big enough to really tell whether or not the mistakes will be glaring or not just yet). Either way, I'm still plugging away... slowly. I feel like Vinokourov - I have a huge gash on my @$$, I've just given the dang hill all of my engergy, and I've still got to hit the Alps?! Tomorrow?!!! Sheesh!

Well, no pics of my sad little Birch (more like a limping Birchette at this point - it will grow big and strong some day, I promise!) today. However, while cruising some great cycling sites, Aron and I found this amazing shot (I was unable to get permission from the site to put it up here, so please click on the link). The tranquility of the scenery is very deceptive. You can almost forget what it is that these men are there for - the competition! Onward we go!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Le Tour and Birch

Birch's progress seems slow, but there are sooo many tiny stitches that I feel like I did a lot.

The Tour de France has kicked off and this is the first year that Aron and I have not been watching it every moment as it records at home. Well, the good news is that the Tour de France KAL has been keeping me honest. We both have been sooooo busy that it has been hard to find the time, but we have nonetheless. My "progress" on Birch is slow and steady, but I think that that's what it takes to be Queen of the Mountains, right? I have included a picture of my "progress" to show that I've done something. The problem is that I had to rip back my first three rows (which took me forever to do in the first place) only to end up cutting the yarn and starting over. Anyone who has ever worked with Kidsilk Haze knows that ripping back is a joke, right? I am now in the middle of row 6 (row 8, look out - I'm on my way!). I'm trucking along slowly now and hope to be finished by my mom's birthday in early October. If I can't, we'll see how Christmas works as a new deadline. ;)

Friday, July 06, 2007


I got my Ravelry invite today. Yeay- I'm so excited to check it out! I figured that I'd be one of the last people to get invited and I was totally ready for that. I was so surprised to see the invite in my JUNK folder. Thank goodness that I caught it! Anyhoo, I know that they are slowly getting through the waitlist, so hang in there if you haven't gotten yours yet! See ya on Ravelry and Happy Knitting!

Pop's Sox

My wonderful husband is modeling the newly-finished socks

These beauties were knit for my Dad for a belated Father's Day present. Though I did finish them a couple of weeks ago (I think just one week after Father's Day), I wasn't able to give them to him until yesterday. My MIL had everyone over at her house for the 4th and a good time was had by all. Of course, Dad and Wendy did have a showdown playing cards. It was a long time coming! Hopefully, Dad will enjoy his new socks... once Winter gets here. Dang! Should have thought about that since he lives in his sandals for nine months out of the year. ;)

Yarn: Claudia's Handpaints in "Oops" colorway, 2+ skeins (just a little from the third skein for a men's size 12 1/2)
Needles: 5 dpns, size US2
Pattern: Simple Trekking Socks, using a short-row toe instead of traditionally decreasing toe

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's Next For The Red Wagon?

Hi, all. If you're coming over here from the Sock A Month Knitalong 3, you already know my dilemma. I am wondering if you can help me decide which type of sock pattern to make this beautiful Claudia's Handpaints Red Wagon colorway into. Please leave me comments and let me know if you think that it should be a cable pattern, a lace pattern, a rib pattern, or any other ideas that you may have. Also, if you have a specific pattern that you are in love with, tell me about it - I'm always open to new ideas. Thanks for the input!

Oh! And if anyone wants to add comments to the Chevron Scarf in the post at the bottom of the page, I'd love to get some input. The picture was taken pre-frogging. I had to frog it because I was pulling the side too tight where the yarns were changing. I'm re-casting-on, though, and I don't know what others think of it (I think that my taste is not quite what others think as "normal," sometimes). Thanks for the input there, too. You are helping me get through my yarn issues. ;)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sheep Gone Baaaa-aaaaa'd

Oh my gawd. This is so hilarious. I see that I am once again probably the last person on the planet to know something, but it's still funny. Who hasn't seen the trailer for this movie? I was laughing hysterically when I saw the trailer. The thought of our coveted mascot being turned into such a deadly beast is hilarious. I laughed extra-hard when the flock is seen coming over the hill as the scared onlookers fear for their lives. And when they cut to the freshly-sheared ovine bleating with his tongue sticking out, well...words cannot explain. Please watch and be warned: it is intended to be a horror flick, so there's some blood and gross stuff. But it is sooooo hilarious!

Much Love

I have to write a non-knitting post here. I love my husband so much. Right now he is on a looooong bike ride over the beautful hills near our home. He loves riding the hills in the Bay Area and doesn't ride enough of them, lately. His job has been kind of challenging lately. Just this morning, he was faced with a huge dilemma- he was concerned about not seeming responsible for doing his ride despite the fact that some people at his job are not fully competent at the moment. I reminded him that he is always putting in too much time and he hasn't officially had a weekend off in almost a year (except for a couple of three-day trips that we've taken). Anyway, I just needed to tell everyone that this wonderful man deserves some fun in his life. Besides, look at how handsome he is! Can you tell someone this good looking not to get on a bike? :) I love you, Babe! I hope that your ride ends up being the 100 miles that you wanted (crazy man!). Oh - and I didn't plan on having his team jersey match my blog. He's just loving in that way. ;)

Return of the Ribby Pulli

Okay, I know that I've mentioned this in previous posts, but this is for a good cause, I swear! Lotus Knits is having a contest for some of her wonderfully beautiful yarn. I love her yarn, though I have yet to buy any. Since we are going a little crazy with our cc (and we freakishly pay it off each month), we've got to take a break from online purchases. If only I could mail her some cash. Sigh. :) Well, I think that I just need to explain what I'm casting on for next. I will be using the above STR in Fire on the Mountain and Cascade 220 in something or other (pretty color, though, huh?) to make the Ribby Pulli. I love this pattern and can't wait to cast on for it.

Unfortunately, school is heading into finals this next week, so I won't be casting on until the end of the week (and no, I don't mind that I'm always at the back end of trends ;) So, if you visit Lotus Knits' page, you can enter the contest, too. You just need to mention the contest on your blog, and explain (with pix) what you want to cast on next (or post what your first project was, I think). Details on her blog! And go buy some of her yarn. It's beautiful!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mom's Embossed Leaves Socks - Finished

So Mom's socks are finally finished. Though I finished them last week, I finally took pics today. I am now working on Dad's socks and I'm hoping to finish them by Saturday. Ha! We'll see about that - his size 12 feet are working against me. And so is school - a midterm today, three group presentations next week, two essays due next week, and studying for finals (they are the week after). Hmmmm... too much on my plate? Nah! ;)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yarn Harlot Rocks!

There's Stephanie's sock! It was so pretty - I could just feel all of the love that it had collected on its journey.

I know that it's been a couple of days, but I finally get to post about her. I jumped into the car with DH around 2:30 and headed for Petaluma Thursday night. We hit plenty of traffic but still made it in time to find decent seats. Of course, finding a good place to have a meal once we got there was a little difficult. We set our stuff down and set out to find some dinner. Hmmm... well, the place across the street was alright, but we wanted something a little more filling so that we could stand in book-signing line later on with enough energy. After wandering the block a few times, however, we decided to settle for some great hummus and pita. Mmmm. Sounds good even this early in the day. Once we got back to Copperfield's, we wandered the store and browsed their wonderful selection of books, magazines, games, and anything that you could possibly want to find in a book store.

In wandering around, I met some of the nicest people. I met Sandra who lives nearby. She was dying to get Alison's Charmed Knits. I told her that since it was the store's last copy, she would be crazy not to buy it. She then called me an enabler. No way! Me?! ;) I was simply living vicariously through her. She told me about Knitterly, the cute little LYS down the street. She informed me that they would be staying open as late as needed after the book-signing to accomodate all of the knitters. Talk about enabling someone! I even ran into her at the shop and she was trying to talk ME into buying things. The nerve! ;)

That's me holding up Mom's second Embossed Leaves sock.

After I enabled Sandra to make a purchase (that you so know she wanted to do anyway), I headed towards my seat. I have been knitting my mom's beeeeeelated Mother's Day socks. I picked a beautiful periwinkle, Koigu's # 1005. I am making the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks (you can see below for pictures of the first, finished sock). I love this pattern and even though we had tons of time to sit and knit and I was in the middle of a great independent bookstore, I was drawn back to my chair. I have also never knit amongst my peers. I know, I know - it's sad. I actually have a yarn shop near me (Purlescence - shout out!) who is really great at doing Knit Nights and Movie Nights and all of those cool things. I have just always been afraid to attend since it seems like everyone else already knows each other. So this was a unique situation for me and I could feel the draw of my sock pulling me towards it. I also knew that this was a good time to get some good knitterly mojo into my sock - I was hoping that it would absorb all of the surrounding positive energy from all of the other beautiful socks being knit up and that it would bring my mom special love.

As I sat down, I met Kristine of Curious Creek Fibers (I told you guys that you should spread your name!). They were just about the nicest people. Kristine was very humble about her craft but I kept telling her to proudly shout out her calling. I ran into her at Knitterly after the signing and she was again just about the sweetest person ever. She gives great hugs, too. She showed me this amazing display that she had put together as a centerpiece for a wedding. Who knew that yarn could be as beautiful (or more so) than flowers. Well, I guess that we all know that - one of the downfalls of being in love with yarn. Kristine was wearing a Clapotis that was knit up in her own beautiful yarn (it looks like it might have been Oban in the colorway Anemone). Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of her, but you will notice Phil in the picture of me holding up my sock in the crowd. Also, you can see bits of her Clapotis next to him as she is leaning over to talk to the people in front of her. If you want to see a great picture of Kristine wearing her Clapotis and Phil wearing his gorgeous sweater, you can visit Yarn Harlot's page - she's got a picture of the two of them in her Petaluma coverage.

Juanita and I exchange email addys. Her shawl is gorgeous - the color is beautiful!

So back to where we sat - Juanita was there by herself. She stayed with a friend in San Francisco, but actually came from Los Angeles, I believe (was it Burbank?). She had the cutest pin for Stephanie - a Canadian Mickey Mouse head. So cute! She made this cute Flirty Ruffles Shawl by Fiddlesticks. It was in a gorgeous deep red, not quite burgundy. I wish that I could remember the yarn that she used. Anyway, the pictures do not do it justice. So many tiny stitches! Aron, most wonderful photographer that he is (and my husband), decided to be paparazzi for both Juanita and I since Juanita did not bring her own camera. How could you visit the Yarn Harlot and not take pictures with her (and her sock)?!

Here's Juanita and her first pair of socks (in blue) - made with Stephanie's basic sock pattern from Knitting Rules.

We also chatted with a few other women whom I can't remember the names of. I do know that Loopy Chick sat near us, but we can't find her blog (thanks for reminding me of her name, Juanita - I came up with the same problem in searching for the blog). She had another gorgeous shawl that had beautiful beads on it. Can you believe that I have yet to make a shawl or a poncho? That is soooo going to change this summer! Thank goodness for school breaks! Loopy Chick was knitting a beautiful toe-up sock. I was telling her how much I liked it and that I wish that my toes would look that good when I do a toe-up. I have yet to complete a toe-up since I have only tried them with the figure-eight cast-on. Loopy Chick told me that hers was a toe-up with short-rows. Oh my! That happens to be my favorite toe shape. I love making short-row toes. She passed along a recommendation to look up Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Sock pattern. As soon as I finish Mom's beeeelated socks and Dad's Father's Day socks (must finish both before next weekend - got to start on Dad's size 12 1/2's soon!), I will be starting a pair of these toe-up wonders! I can't wait to make some socks that I use up EXACTLY the amount of yarn that I want! :)

Here I am holding THE sock. ;) She is so cool! She even knew to spread out my sock to see the pattern on it!
Gawd - I wish that I could swap out my pic here with a younger and thinner one! ;)

Stephanie was a great speaker and made everyone laugh until tears were rolling (I swear! It wasn't just me!). She is as funny in person as she is in her writing. I wanted to tell her that she was inspiring to me since I am a Literature major and I love her style of writing. Of course, once I got up there to have her sign my book, I just said a few things. I think that I said "Would you mind taking a picture with me and my sock?" and "You have the best blog!" or something else dorky like that. I think that I had told myself that she was so human that I didn't even think about what to tell her until it was too late. I'm not one of those people who gets star-struck. I don't believe that people who are famous are any better or different than you and I. That, however, does not mean that I don't have a lot of respect for people like Stephanie. I know how hard it is to write an essay - I couldn't even imagine how hard it would be to write a book. I think that she is an incredibly talented person who connects with so many people that it's probably quite surreal for her.

All in all, I am so grateful that I went. I was preparing to go by myself since Aron's work has kept him occupied for at least 70-hour work-weeks. However, he was wonderfully supportive and knew that this was a great opportunity to understand and participate in something that I've become very passionate about so he found the time to leave early and do the 2 1/2 hour trek with me.

The event gave me some great time to sit still and knit among many other very wonderful and sweet people. Of course, it didn't hurt that we were all collected to listen to a very talented and hilariously funny person. I know that every other knitter out there feels the same way that I do about Stephanie's writing - it's like she's writing from my brain! I laugh out loud so often when I'm reading her stuff because I know exactly what she's talking about. I figure with all of the funny things that she covers, at least one of them is something that every single knitter can relate to at some point. She made Aron laugh, too. He told me that when the Q&A session was going on, he wanted to ask her, "So how do you feel since they've picked someone else as the American Idol?" I was so mad that he didn't ask that. He has such a quircky sense of humor. I also realize that I may be the only one that would laugh. He thinks that it'd be so silent that you'd only be able to hear the crickets outside. :)

Thank you for having such a great time, everyone! Thanks for introducing me into a world of fun and friends. I wish that I could do that every night. I might even consider driving all the way to Petaluma for it if only we could have this all the time. Thank you for writing about what so many of us think and feel, Stephanie. Without your hilarious and heartfelt books, we might actually feel like the freakish loners that CHOKE thinks us to be. And thank you, Aron, for being my wonderfully handsome and loving paparazzi. You are always my favorite person to be with, no matter where I am and what I'm doing.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Frogged Arm Warmer

I love this yarn and I love this pattern. This is a cute pattern for some really cute arm warmers using Noro's Kureyon. However, since I didn't go crazy with the pattern, I'm frogging it for now. Perhaps when I am ready to commit to making these I will pick up the same yarn again. Maybe this fall when the weather starts cooling down again...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Embossed Leaves, Sock 1

So this may be the only sock that I knit in this pattern. I was a little overl ambitious and knit this sock in one day. Now my hands are going to fall off! Well, okay... I will kni the second one. It just might take me a week or two. I loved this pattern, but I did not like the start of the cuff. I think that I might knit the second one in the round from the beginning and just modify the instructions to include in the round instead of back and forth. If you have not yet picked it up, please get the Favorite Socks book by Interweave. The patterns in there are wonderful - and yes, you can always compile a collection of your own if you have the magazines that they took the patterns from. The Embossed Leaves pattern is just beautiful - and it's my first lace sock pattern. I am looking forward to making the second sock since I love the pattern so much. Note the really cute toe - it has leaves, too! :) Oh yeah. In case you're wondering, yes those are freckles on my legs. Why am I the only person on the planet with freckles EVERYWHERE?! ;) Not that many people realize how freckly I am when it's winter and I'm covered in clothing from head to toe. Once Spring comes along, the freckles come out to play!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

LMKG Chevron Scarf?

I just can not decide what to do with this thing! I started using Claudia's Purple Midnight and Passion Fruit. I like the two together, but I can't decide if I like the two together for the Chevron Scarf. Purple Midnight is a dark royal blue with some rich purple and a paprika-like red. It also has some mauve and tan. The Passion Fruit has the same paprika red and mauve and tan. It also has a lavender that is the paler version of the purple in the Purple Midnight. I dunno - I am still deciding whether or not to frog this thing. I am so enjoying the simple feather and fan stitch, but I do need to go back and allow some easing on the right-hand side (I keep tightening it too much). Updates will follow on the fate of the Purple Midnight Passion Fruit Chevron Scarf. ;) I am also awaiting an order on Claudia's Sea Dreams colorway. I will be using that with her Bootcamp colorway once the Sea Dreams comes in. I love that combination because it is very unexpected. As you can tell by the name, Bootcamp is sort of military-like colors: army green, brown, and a pale aqua! Yes, aqua. The Sea Dreams is mostly the aqua with other pale, soft colors. I think that they will be fun together!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

GYK Rocks!

Thank you, Good Yarn Karma, for finding so many people so quickly. I'm so thrilled with how quickly people have responded to my seven-out-of-eight postings that I put up at Good Yarn Karma. I'm pretty sure that all (maybe one won't be) will be takers. I love this whole process! I found a pattern book that was posted there that I liked and now I get to pass some love along to someone else. Sigh. What a nice world we live in. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Future Chevron Scarf

I love what people have been doing with the Last Minute Knitted Gifts Scarves. I have seen them everywher and in every colorway. I have been foraging through the ol' stash for a while - in fact almost as long as I've had this book. I've always sort of felt weird about sacrificing unborn pairs of socks. But, I think that I've come up with a color combo that will make the transition an easy one. Be warned, however, for this color combination is most unusual and may blow your screen away (hopefully my colors are true enough in the photo - if not, your monitor will be just fine). These are Claudia's Handpaints fingering weight in Passion Fruit and Purple Midnight. In real life, the two have some of the same tones of color. However, they also both have other different colors, enough to create quite a contrast. I think that this will be a beautiful scarf. Oh, and I'm planning on trying out Domesticat's Chevron Scarf Pattern, first. It seems to be more defined and that just works for these colors. Updates to follow...

Future Ribby Pulli

I found this great pattern at my LYS and found out that everyone that works there is making it in the same wonderful yarn that I have here! I love it when that happens! So I have Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Twisted in Fire on The Mountain AND Cascade 220 in a fabulous heather shade - 9455. These two together look great, but now they'll look even better in the ChicKnits Ribby Pulli Sweater Pattern. Yeay! Updated pics will follow...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Setting Suns

These are two places that Aron and I love to visit. The top picture is of Jackson, Wyoming as the sun goes behind the Tetons. The bottom image is of Half Dome (Yosemite) from Glacier Point as the sun just hits the top face of the granite. A beautiful time of day no matter where you are.

Wendy's Birthday Socks

Wendy (MIL) loves pink but she can not wear wool (I know, totally sad, isn't it?!). I found this really cute pink in Crystal Palace's Panda Cotton (it's 55% bamboo, 24% cotton, and 21% elastic nylon). I think that she will look fabulous in the color. I'm using Evelyn A. Clark's Go With The Flow pattern from Ann Budd's "Favorite Socks." The pattern is taking me a while to do, even though I've finally memorized it. I don't know if it's me, the yarn, the needles, or what but I feel like it takes forever to do the leg pattern. Oh well, it's probalby just me. I've decided to make them just a little bit shorter than what the pattern calls for since the yarn that I'm using has just a little less yardage (and it will shave off some time, too :). Anyway, I'm off to do some more rows - I just have a little over a week to do two of them. Yeay!

Update: Dang it! They've been frogged. :( Well, I decided not long after taking this pic and posting this post that I should check them for fit. Unfortunately, after trying to get them on my foot, I realized that they are just going to be too tight. Wendy and I are the same size so I don't think that I should just count on them fitting her. So, on to the next pattern...

Tragic Loss

Okay, I've been in denial for a little while now. However, I think that it's time that I come to grips with something: my favorite yarn that I've never even used may be tragically lost forever!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! I bought myself two skeins of the most beautifully colored yarns on the planet: Tilli Tomas' Rock Star in Morrocan Blue. I know - the color is absolutely TO DIE FOR! So I was able to bring one home with me and awaited the second one since it had to be ordered. No big deal. I was in no hurry to knit it up - I needed time to find the right pattern for it anyway. I was excited, nonetheless. So I finally got the second skein in, about two weeks later. Of course, I bought something else while I was there (I believe that it was some scrumptious Rowan Cashsoft). So the bag made it home. The other yarn made it into my stash (I believe) and the Tilli Tomas... well, that's where I seem to blank. I almost feel like I might have dropped it behind the yarn organizer thingymabob, but I don't think so. I feel like I am living in an alternate universe (where everyone wears a goatee!). I don't get what the heck I did with that darned second skein! I think, however, that I should just resign to the fact that I may never see it again (unless of course my lazy butt decides to look behind my yarn caddy thing) so that I don't get too dissappointed. It is hard whenever I go to one of my LYSs and see the same one hanging just behind the cash register, pointed its beautifully sparkling beaded strand at me and laughing oh so loudly. I will get over it, though. I also think that it is completely possible that the millions of moths that I'm choosing to ignore that are flying around (well, maybe only three or four... yikes!) could be the culprits. I have "locked" my stash up in drawers that are moth-proof, but that is after I found a couple flying around. It gives me the eebie-jeebies just to admit that in writing!!! Anyway - back to the Tilli Tomas. I feel like I should be pouring some Jack Daniels on the ground to show my respect for the dead. Peace.

Happy Anniversary, Love!

Happy anniversary, Love! I had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back with you again. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007


What's wrong here? Aron is so sweet that he loved his socks DESPITE the fact that one is a whole inch shorter than the other (and that is on his legs!). How on earth did I miss that measurement?! What a bad knitter!

Finished Aron's Socks!

Here are a couple of obligatory pics of Aron's new long socks. The colors are more rich than the camera shows, of course. I used Koigu's KPPPM. I like it a lot, but I'm looking forward to finally using some of Claudia's Handpaints. I have a few of her colors but really haven't been moving very quickly in the projects department lately. For Aron's socks I did an alternating rib and cable. It was K2,P2 for four rows, then K2, P2, C2, P2, K2, P2, etc. for one row. This pattern was repeated until the end of the gusset. I did close-ups of the socks, so you'll only be able to see some of the pattern and the colors.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rip-it, Rip-it!

Okay, so now I seem to understand the whole "frogging" thing a little better. But is it still considered frogging when you do it to someone else's sweater? I bought this great cream colored cotton cable sweater from The Gap a few years ago for about $15. I couldn't pass up the price. The sweater was gorgeous and the only thing wrong with it was that it had a dropped stitch in the front next to the cable panel. Well, since I know how to fix it, I bought it and fixed the stitch. The problem was that the sweater was not a style that was very flattering on my body-type. So I was watching Knitty Gritty today and decided to Rip-it, Rip-it! So here is the journey of someone else's frogging sweater. Now I have enough yarn to do another sweater or I can do some blankies and baby thingys. Who knows? The sky's the limit!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I haven't told my husband how much I love him lately. Well, I've told him, but not enough. At least this is my belief. So here I am, to tell the world: I LOVE YOU, ARON!!!! Phew, much better! Thanks for paying attention. Back to what you were doing. :)