Monday, October 30, 2006

Long Time Gone

Winter break is coming. I can almost see it. Well, maybe not but I think that I need to convince myself of this in order to keep on going. This has been a very hard school year already. I am trying so hard to just hang in there and I'm supposed to be getting "excellent" grades, not just barely making it. Returning is always so hard, I suppose. You adjust not only to the change in hours, but you are always "working." There is no real break from it, especially when you have exams coming up. Every spare moment that I've had, I've wanted to relax and sleep. Not study more and do more homework. I don't know if it gets harder as you get older or if it gets easier. Do you take it more seriously as you get older? I thought so but I'm feeling like a flake right now since all that I want to do is get some quiet time.


Anonymous said...

Give yourself some credit! What you're doing is really hard. You should be fround that you're brave enough to make such a dramatic change and try this difficult challenge.