Friday, May 18, 2007

Tragic Loss

Okay, I've been in denial for a little while now. However, I think that it's time that I come to grips with something: my favorite yarn that I've never even used may be tragically lost forever!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! I bought myself two skeins of the most beautifully colored yarns on the planet: Tilli Tomas' Rock Star in Morrocan Blue. I know - the color is absolutely TO DIE FOR! So I was able to bring one home with me and awaited the second one since it had to be ordered. No big deal. I was in no hurry to knit it up - I needed time to find the right pattern for it anyway. I was excited, nonetheless. So I finally got the second skein in, about two weeks later. Of course, I bought something else while I was there (I believe that it was some scrumptious Rowan Cashsoft). So the bag made it home. The other yarn made it into my stash (I believe) and the Tilli Tomas... well, that's where I seem to blank. I almost feel like I might have dropped it behind the yarn organizer thingymabob, but I don't think so. I feel like I am living in an alternate universe (where everyone wears a goatee!). I don't get what the heck I did with that darned second skein! I think, however, that I should just resign to the fact that I may never see it again (unless of course my lazy butt decides to look behind my yarn caddy thing) so that I don't get too dissappointed. It is hard whenever I go to one of my LYSs and see the same one hanging just behind the cash register, pointed its beautifully sparkling beaded strand at me and laughing oh so loudly. I will get over it, though. I also think that it is completely possible that the millions of moths that I'm choosing to ignore that are flying around (well, maybe only three or four... yikes!) could be the culprits. I have "locked" my stash up in drawers that are moth-proof, but that is after I found a couple flying around. It gives me the eebie-jeebies just to admit that in writing!!! Anyway - back to the Tilli Tomas. I feel like I should be pouring some Jack Daniels on the ground to show my respect for the dead. Peace.