Friday, July 06, 2007

Pop's Sox

My wonderful husband is modeling the newly-finished socks

These beauties were knit for my Dad for a belated Father's Day present. Though I did finish them a couple of weeks ago (I think just one week after Father's Day), I wasn't able to give them to him until yesterday. My MIL had everyone over at her house for the 4th and a good time was had by all. Of course, Dad and Wendy did have a showdown playing cards. It was a long time coming! Hopefully, Dad will enjoy his new socks... once Winter gets here. Dang! Should have thought about that since he lives in his sandals for nine months out of the year. ;)

Yarn: Claudia's Handpaints in "Oops" colorway, 2+ skeins (just a little from the third skein for a men's size 12 1/2)
Needles: 5 dpns, size US2
Pattern: Simple Trekking Socks, using a short-row toe instead of traditionally decreasing toe


uberstrickenfrau said...

Love the socks, and I love your pic that comes up with your comment-Elsa Langchester I think.Very cool

Nikki said...

your socks are great! I'm getting ready to knit socks for my Dad too! Thankfully his feet are smaller but he wanted solid socks! Ack! :)

and thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I'll get it all figured out and get caught up to the peloton! :)

Christina said...

thanks for the comments on my blog. I love those socks you've knit. My dad is a knitted sock convert!!

natalie said...

Nice socks, I like the subtle colours in men's socks... sometimes you just need a rest from pink, don't you!