Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maggie's Monkeys Are Done!

Maggie will be getting socks from me soon. Yeay!

Even though she has many other people making her some beautiful socks, I'm thrilled to be able to put some more warm socks on her feet! :)

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. (doncha just love it?!)

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM color #145, 2 skeins (African Sunrise? Well...)

Needles: 5 bamboo US2 dpns

Mods: My usual eye of partridge heel, short-row toes, and I skipped the "ktbl" that's mentioned during the gusset (by accident)

Please feel free to stop by Sockin' it to Maggie to check out the other great works going on. And make sure to leave some great comments for that talented group of people! ;)


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous! They really are so nice - I'm sure Maggie will love them.

tiennie said...

She will love these! Great job!

Shelley said...

Love your socks! I'm using Koigu for the first do you find it for length...that is, do you find you have enough yarn to finish a pair of socks or do you need to dip into a third skein?

sheepish one said...

loving your socks!