Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fall Charade

Yeay! I've finally finished my Charades.

Pattern: Charade by Sandra Park

Needles: One 47" circular Addi Turbo US 1 1/2 (it says 2, but it's really 1 1/2)

Yarn: Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes in "Fall Mums" colorway. Yum-o-licious!!!

Mods: Toe-up, provisional cast-on, short-row heels and... that's about it.

I really loved this pattern. I know that everyone and their mother has already made it, but that doesn't make it any less fun, does it? It looks fabulous with this yarn. This yarn is so rich in color that the stitches just stand out even more. Though Emily's yarns are variegated, these somehow ended up striping a little. The bright blue striped and the golden brown, pale lavender, fuschia, violet and light blue all blended between the stripes. It really is a beautiful effect. They also fit like a glove - so much so that it is a little hard to get them off and on. But once they're on... fuhgettaboutit! I lurv 'em. :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!

Okay, so we may not all agree on the direction that we want to see our country head. However, I think that all of us understand how important it is to have their voice heard. Make sure that yours is heard today!

Oh, and it's alright to remind ourselves every once in a while that our craft unites us in more way than one. :)
Image is, of course, courtesy of The Great Franklin Habit. Thanks for the light spin on a very exciting campaign year, Franklin!