Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Pair...

Getting tired of me just posting my pairs of socks yet? Well, too bad. ;) At some point, I'll start including some real content. You know, since I'm sure everyone is dying to hear about ME. Ha.

Okay, this month's (first?) pair:

Pattern: Shock Wave by Abigail at 1870 Pearl

Yarn: Beat Sock in colorway "Nevermore," by Perfect Day Yarns

Needles: One US 1 1/2 Addi Turbo 40" circular

Mods: Toe-up using provisional crochet cast-on creating a short-row toe, short-row heel, and I think that's it. I believe that everything else was the same.

The pattern is really really easy to do and you can memorize it after you've complete the first round. It's especially great for self-striping yarns so that you can add some interest to the pattern but still maintain the striping. I thought that these turned out quite lovely - the yarn is really fun to work with. And who doesn't love some purple (and dark brown)? In this picture, the brown looks more like charcoal grey, but it is indeed a dark brown.

I hope everyone is doing well. I've been destashing a lot because it's gotten insanely crazy. Who really needs that much sock yarn? Well, nevermind that question - who needs that much yarn? Don't mess with the sock yarn. Everything else can go. ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone. Go get yourself some sun - yeay for Vitamin D!


sheepish one said...

wonderful socks, chelsea! they're technocolor-ific.
and i totally empathize with the crazy sock yarn stashing. i'm up to my ears in it, and it's actually beginning to weigh on me a little... good luck destashing!

Jeanne said...

love the socks! I'm not destashing, but I am trying really hard not to add - good luck with your destashing!

Zonda said...

Fabulous socks!!

Deb said...


I just had a look at this pattern. Does "K2TG" mean Knit 2 together or 2ktog?


tiennie said...

Nicely done!!! Great stripity stripes.