Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Oscar The Grouch" Scarf

Okay- the name is only because it's green and really furry. No other reason. Tina asked for this scarf when I dragged her in to a yarn shop with me (poor thing!) and she saw this yarn. I really wanted to make something for her so I promised to make a scarf out of this yarn. She and I have a thing where we (mostly I) never give each other gifts when we're supposed to. Birthday presents usually come at Christmas-time...the next year. Christmas gifts come when we see each other for coffee...two years later. So we basically (and I still mean I) have this tradition that we have to uphold, right? So this is Tina's Birthday present. For this year. In September. I plan on giving it to her - with her Christmas present - at Christmas this time!!! I know that it's hard to see, but this is actually quite a cute scarf. It's hard to see but I just did a very simple garter stitch on #15 needles. Usually with yarn like this, I like to do seed-stitch to allow for some variation in the direction of the "fur." With this one, though, it was very slippery and it was harder to go back and forth with knit and purl. It turned out great. I hope that she likes it! Now the trick is to make certain that she doesn't see my blog before Christmas!