Saturday, November 25, 2006

Socks Blossom Into Wrist-Warmers

I started to attempt my very first pair of socks, today. Started. Not the first time that I've started this attempt. At socks. Well, I would have gotten further than the cast-on stitches if I didn't have difficulty with the itsy, bitsy, tiny little needles. Okay, they're not THAT tiny. But tiny enough. So I started my cast-on stitches and I noticed that my palms were starting to feel a little itchy from the teeny, tiny little needles poking my palm. They weren't hurting my hand, just making my palm all tingly and itchy. So I told my hubby and he said something that sent a signal to my usually dull lightbulb. Aha! I need to make something to keep my hands from tingling/itching. I need to be making hand- or wrist-warmers. And yes, for you lay-persons out there, this may seem like the obvious- mittens or gloves!- but alas, we in the knitting realm like to make more complex (or at least just MORE) projects for ourselves. No, any old mittens just won't do. We make hand- and wrist-warmers. They can be several different styles. Usually they look like fingerless gloves or like socks with the toe cut off and an extra hole for your thumb. And they're knit. So socks started and wrist-warmers are continuing. Photos to follow of my "first attempt" at both. In the meantime, here's a drawing to give you an idea.