Sunday, June 03, 2007

Embossed Leaves, Sock 1

So this may be the only sock that I knit in this pattern. I was a little overl ambitious and knit this sock in one day. Now my hands are going to fall off! Well, okay... I will kni the second one. It just might take me a week or two. I loved this pattern, but I did not like the start of the cuff. I think that I might knit the second one in the round from the beginning and just modify the instructions to include in the round instead of back and forth. If you have not yet picked it up, please get the Favorite Socks book by Interweave. The patterns in there are wonderful - and yes, you can always compile a collection of your own if you have the magazines that they took the patterns from. The Embossed Leaves pattern is just beautiful - and it's my first lace sock pattern. I am looking forward to making the second sock since I love the pattern so much. Note the really cute toe - it has leaves, too! :) Oh yeah. In case you're wondering, yes those are freckles on my legs. Why am I the only person on the planet with freckles EVERYWHERE?! ;) Not that many people realize how freckly I am when it's winter and I'm covered in clothing from head to toe. Once Spring comes along, the freckles come out to play!


Carola said...

Your sock looks lovely! Funny, I just knit the same blue Embossed Leave sock in just one day. Funny? It even feels a bit weird ;-) But it is such an enjoyable pattern, isn't it.

Anne said...

When I was young my Grandma told me that freckles were''fairy kisses''.
Love the socks too and I think I have just the yarn to knit them in.

Elinor said...

LOL. I have freckles everywhere too. :-)

I love your socks. I'm not sure if it's the pattern or the color but I think they're so compelling!