Saturday, June 23, 2007

Much Love

I have to write a non-knitting post here. I love my husband so much. Right now he is on a looooong bike ride over the beautful hills near our home. He loves riding the hills in the Bay Area and doesn't ride enough of them, lately. His job has been kind of challenging lately. Just this morning, he was faced with a huge dilemma- he was concerned about not seeming responsible for doing his ride despite the fact that some people at his job are not fully competent at the moment. I reminded him that he is always putting in too much time and he hasn't officially had a weekend off in almost a year (except for a couple of three-day trips that we've taken). Anyway, I just needed to tell everyone that this wonderful man deserves some fun in his life. Besides, look at how handsome he is! Can you tell someone this good looking not to get on a bike? :) I love you, Babe! I hope that your ride ends up being the 100 miles that you wanted (crazy man!). Oh - and I didn't plan on having his team jersey match my blog. He's just loving in that way. ;)