Saturday, June 23, 2007

Return of the Ribby Pulli

Okay, I know that I've mentioned this in previous posts, but this is for a good cause, I swear! Lotus Knits is having a contest for some of her wonderfully beautiful yarn. I love her yarn, though I have yet to buy any. Since we are going a little crazy with our cc (and we freakishly pay it off each month), we've got to take a break from online purchases. If only I could mail her some cash. Sigh. :) Well, I think that I just need to explain what I'm casting on for next. I will be using the above STR in Fire on the Mountain and Cascade 220 in something or other (pretty color, though, huh?) to make the Ribby Pulli. I love this pattern and can't wait to cast on for it.

Unfortunately, school is heading into finals this next week, so I won't be casting on until the end of the week (and no, I don't mind that I'm always at the back end of trends ;) So, if you visit Lotus Knits' page, you can enter the contest, too. You just need to mention the contest on your blog, and explain (with pix) what you want to cast on next (or post what your first project was, I think). Details on her blog! And go buy some of her yarn. It's beautiful!


LotusKnits said...

Oooh that's going to be a gorgeous Ribbi Pulli!

Thanks for joining in on the contest! I *LOVE* your flowered banner! <3


Ann K. said...

I cannot WAIT to see the outcome for this choice of yarns and the Ribbi Pulli pattern!!